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Yes You!

​All individuals are welcome to write for us, from first-time writers to experienced professionals.

Take this opportunity to work with great student and adult writers, be read by hundreds of peers and professionals, while learning in the process, about writing, editing, and communicating your ideas!

Please see our criteria below and submit your idea here. If the idea and/or article is accepted, we will, of course, recognize you with full authorship credit. If you have any questions, feel free to email/call us (contact information below).

Submission Criteria:

  • Abstracts, posters, research article rough drafts, and full articles are all welcome

  • Research must be with in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

  • Research must be conducted prior to college, although the submission may occur during or after college

  • Articles must be factually-based and properly cited. Opinion articles are only accepted if they represent the opinion of our organization and are factually supported.

  • You must be the author of your piece and not write for another person

  • The article must be an original piece, written by you, and without copyright restrictions for us to post (meaning if this has been posted elsewhere, you must have prior approval to post here)

  • You will be open to editorial feedback

  • You give full consent for our program to publish your work, if accepted

The Process:

  1. After submission, an editor will review your submission, assess editing needs, and determine a plan for next steps

  2. The editor will reach out to you to discuss next steps and edits, if necessary

  3. Edits and drafts may take time depending on the completeness of your initial submission

  4. Those interested in the 5-month writing course will be required to complete other steps prior to the course start

  5. Once complete, we will publish your article!

Still interested? Submit your poster, abstract, draft research article or completed article below.

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